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Justin Holland
Scraps from the Operas arranged for Two Guitars

No. 3 - Fra Diavolo


Justin Holland, Scraps From The Operas

Opera: Fra Diavolo
Composer: D. F. E. Auber
Premiere: Paris, 1830.

Scrap 1: Allegro moderato.

This music is heard in Act 2 of 3 as Lorenzo and his soldiers return to the inn (for a second time; see scrap 3 below) while Fra Diavolo and two cohorts hide in Zerline's room with the intention of stabbing her and robbing the rich Lord and Lady in another room.

The music is heard again in the Finale to the last act, as Lorenzo and his soldiers close in on Diavolo.

Scrap 2 (1:07): Allegro cantabile.

The aria Voyez sur cette roche ("On yonder rock reclining") was very popular in the 19th century. It is from Act 1. Zerline, daughter of the innkeeper, tells of the exploits of Fra Diavolo, the bandit, to the "Marquis". The Marquis listens with evident terror. Not really - he himself is Fra Diavolo in disguise! The word fitting the big chords? "Tremble!"

The music is also used in the Entr'acte preceding Act 3, and again at the end of the opera as the principal characters express thanks for the capture of Diavolo.

Scrap 3 (2:35): Allegro.

This music accompanies the Finale of Act 1 in which Lorenzo and his soldiers return to the inn after capturing twenty of Fra Diavolo's band. The chorus shouts "Victory!" The band had robbed Lord Cockburn and his wife on the road. With his reward, Lorenzo is now an acceptable suitor for Zerline in the eyes of her father. Fra Diavolo, in the disguise of the "Marquis", does not share in the jubilation.

This music is used again in the Finale to the last act while the peasants shout "Victory!" It is also used in the Fra Diavolo Overture, which is still played.

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