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Justin Holland
Scraps from the Operas arranged for Two Guitars

No. 1 - Faust 1 (Faust Waltz)


Justin Holland, Scraps From The Operas

Opera: Faust
Composer: Charles Gounod
Premiere: Paris, 1859.

Scrap 1: Tempo di Valse.

From Act 2 of 5 is the famous Faust Waltz, or Ainsi que la brise legere ("As the breeze raises dust, we are caught up in the waltz!") While the townspeople sing and dance in the square, the meeting of Faust and Marguerite, which was set up by Mephistopheles, takes place.

Scrap 2 (1:22): Piu Mod.

In Act 3 Marguerite sings the famous Jewel Song, or Ah! je ris de me voir (Ah! How I laugh to see myself so beautiful in this mirror! Is it really you, Marguerite?") Marguerite is thrilled with the casket of jewels left on her doorstep. She adorns herself, and then looks in the mirror in the bottom of the box. Mephistopheles conjured up this box of jewels as a present from Faust. Poor Siebel's gift of flowers seems pathetic in comparison.

Within Holland's abbreviated Jewel Song is a section marked "Piu lento" (2:08). I've never found this minor mode section in the Jewel Song or anywhere in the opera. Was it in the source Holland worked from, or did he compose it?

Scrap 3 (2:55): Tempo primo.

Reprise of the Faust Waltz.

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