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No. 17 - Sonnambula


Justin Holland, Scraps From The Operas

Opera: La Sonnambula (The Sleepwalker)
Composer: Vincenzo Bellini
Premiere: Milan, 1831.

Scrap 1: Andante Sostenuto.

In Act 1 of 3, all the villagers are happy for the young couple, Elvino and Amina (the "sleepwalker" of the title), who are about to sign a marriage contract. In this duet, Prendi, l'anel ti dono ("Take now the ring I give you"), Elvino gives Amina a ring, and she gives him a flower. So far so good, but things start to go awry moments later when a handsome stranger arrives in town.

Scrap 2 (2:12): Allegro.

Near the beginning of Act 1, prior to the above duet, a chorus of villagers sing the praises of Amina's beauty: In Elvezia non v'ha rosa, fresca e cara al par d'Amina ("In all of Switzerland there's no blossom like Amina"). She also puts the doves and stars to shame. The chorus is led by Alessio to annoy Lisa, the inn-mistress who won't be bothered with Alessio's attentions.

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