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Justin Holland
Scraps from the Operas arranged for Two Guitars

No. 14 - Norma 2


Justin Holland, Scraps From The Operas

Opera: Norma
Composer: Vincenzo Bellini
Premiere: Milan, 1831.

Scrap 1: Andantino.

This is the famous duet Miro, o Norma ("See, Norma, at your knees these dear children") in Act 3. Adalgisa further tries to convince Norma that there is hope for her and Pollione. Norma does not appreciate Adalgisa's efforts to weaken her resolve.

Note the order of the singers; first, Adalgisa, a soprano, and then Norma, a mezzo-soprano. That's why the melody doesn't go as high the second time around.

Scrap 2 (2:34): Allegro.

This is the up-tempo closing section, called a "cabaletta", to the previous duet. Adalgisa assures Norma her own feelings for Pollione have faded, and Norma is finally won over. Here they sing together that, come what may, Si, fino all'ore estreme ("Yes, until our last hour you will have me as a comrade").

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