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Justin Holland
Scraps from the Operas arranged for Two Guitars

No. 10 - Martha 2


Justin Holland, Scraps From The Operas

Opera: Martha
Composer: Friedrich von Flotow
Premiere: Vienna, 1847.

Scrap 1: Allegretto.

Meanwhile, Lionel's foster brother Plunkett has fallen for Nancy, Lady Harriet's own lady-in-waiting who thought up the crazy idea of pretending to be servant girls. In this Act 4 duo, Ich wüsste wohl schon Eine ("Oh, I do indeed know someone"), Plunkett tells Nancy that he wants to marry a certain girl who can't even spin (i.e., Nancy), and Nancy says that the girl he is thinking of could learn such household chores.

Scrap 2 (0:32): Andante.

Lionel sings the famous aria Ach! so fromm ("Ah, so pure", or "M'appari tutt'amor" in Italian) in Act 3. His life was miserable before he met Martha, and she showed him a happy future: "Martha, Martha, you disappeared and took with you my happiness."

Scrap 3 (2:36): Allegro non troppo.

Earlier in Act 3, Nancy and a group of ladies hunt with the Queen. Nancy sings Jägerin, schlau im Sinn ("Huntress, cunning of mind"). A woman, like a huntress, brings down her game with darts from her eyes - and it's Cupid who carries those speeding darts! (See Nancy's wiles in Scrap 1 above.)

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