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No. 5 - Fille du Regiment


Justin Holland, Scraps From The Operas

Opera: La Fille du Regiment (The Daughter of the Regiment)
Composer: Gaetano Donizetti
Premiere: Paris, 1840.

Scrap 1: Moderato.

This is the Entr'acte preceding Act 2 of 2. In some performances the music may be heard again near the end of the act, when the Marchioness reveals that Marie, the "daughter of the regiment", is really her daughter and explains why Marie must marry the son of the Duchess of Krackentorp. Of course, love prevails and the Marchioness ultimately gives her blessing to the marriage of Marie and Tonio.

Scrap 2 (1:11): (no tempo indication shown)

This is the song of the celebrated 21st Regiment, Chacun le sait, chacun le dit ("Everyone knows it, everyone says it.") Marie sings it in Act 1 at the request of the soldiers. Marie, the canteen girl and "daughter of the regiment", was an orphan who was adopted and raised by the regiment.

Scrap 3 (1:51): Movement de Valse.

This is a continuation of the preceding song of the 21st Regiment, beginning, Il est la, il est la, morbleu! ("It is there, it is there, dang it!") The soldiers join in the singing with Marie.

This verse pops up again in Act 2, where Marie is taking music lessons from the Marchioness, who claims to be Marie's aunt. The sergeant Sulpice listens in on the dreadfully dull music, but the line "of beauty quite supreme" sends him and Marie off into the lively regiment song, much to the Marchioness's consternation.

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