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Washington Guitar Society Newsletters

The easiest way to understand where my head was at regarding the Washington Guitar Society (WGS), and the nature of my regular contributions to the WGS newsletter, is to visit my short page of guitar society thoughts.

(ds) = contribution by me. (Is that a sales pitch or dire warning?)

WGS Newsletter No. 1 (Jul 1992)
    - "A Tribute to Segovia" by Christopher Parkening (record review)
    - John Marlow, in memoriam

WGS Newsletter No. 2 (Nov 1992)
    - Computer software for guitar
    - Narciso Yepes appreciation

WGS Newsletter No. 3 (Dec 1992)
    - "Dreams of Suchitlan" by Flutar (record review)
    - Basics of buying a classical guitar
    - A look at ensemble playing

WGS Newsletter No. 4 (Jan 1993)
    - Ensemble Playing II
    - Musicianship and Technique by Jad Azkoul

WGS Newsletter No. 5 (Feb 1993)
    - Bubenreuth, a town of instrument makers
    - Rating a guitar: a simple test

WGS Newsletter No. (Mar 1993)
    - Segovia's artistry

WGS Newsletter No. 7 (Apr 1993)
    - Tips from Jad Azkoul master class (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 8 (May 1993)
    - "Concierto de Aranjuez" by Christopher Parkening (record review)

WGS Newsletter No. 9 (Jun 1993)
    - Paco de Malaga profile

WGS Newsletter No. 10 (Sep 1993)
    - Cincinnati Summer Guitar Workshop review

WGS Newsletter No. 11 (Nov 1993)
    - Guitar accessory carrying case (GACK) (ds)
    - Sight reading advice

WGS Newsletter No. 12 (Jan 1994)
    - Sitting position (ds)
    - Right hand exercises (and word search!) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 13 (Mar 1994)
    - Christopher Parkening (concert review)
    - Playing without pain I

WGS Newsletter No. 14 (May 1994)
    - Guitar society directions
    - 1993 GFA Festival (Buffalo) memories (ds)
    - Playing without pain II
    - Segovia live on cd

WGS Newsletter No. 15 (Jun 1994)
    - WGS Open Stage review
    - Bye bye Cate (ensemble lady)
    - "Kelpie Waltz" (19th C. American guitar music) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 16 (Jul 1994)
    - Trio Con Brio (concert review)
    - William Kanengiser (concert review)

WGS Newsletter No. 17 (Sep 1994)
    - "The Healthy Guitar" (book review)
    - Guitare Quebec and Great Lakes Classical Guitar Festival review
    - Mozart dedicates new works to WGS! (music) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 18 (Nov 1994)
    - Lute tuning on the guitar (ds)
    - "Round Battle Galliard" by John Dowland (music) (ds)
    - WGS Open Stage review
    - Jad Azkoul profile

WGS Newsletter No. 19 (Jan 1995)
    - Jad Azkoul (workshop and concert reviews)
    - WGS Members Recital (review)
    - Avalon Chamber Players (concert review)
    - A look at Soundboard Magazine (ds)
    - "Carnival of Venice" by Ferranti, in E major tuning (tablature) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 20 (Apr 1995)
    - Jeffrey Meyerriecks/Myrna Sislen (concert review)
    - Michael Bard (concert review)
    - Berta Rojas (concert review)
    - Christopher Teves (concert review)
    - The very oldest guitar music: "Guardame las vacas" by Alonso Mudarra (music) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 21 (Jun 1995)
    - John Stover/Eric Swanson (concert review)
    - "Laurita valse" by Jesse O. Tan (music) (ds)
    - Fernando Sor and Sharp Corporation photocopiers (music) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 22 (Aug 1995)
    - Chat with Thomas Rein, luthier
    - Guitar discussion/argument on the internet (ds)
    - WGS Members Recital (review)
    - J.S. Bach violin music on the guitar with 6=G (music) (ds)
    - Identify the music engraving example. (Legnani? Zani de Ferranti?) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 23 (Oct 1995)
    - Summer fun with guitar in Rome and Cincinnati
    - "Fantaisie Brilliante on the Hymn Happy Day" (19th C. American guitar music) (ds)
    - Classical Guitar Festival, West Dean '95 memories
    - Members Recital (review)

WGS Newsletter No. 24 (Jan 1996)
    - Norbert Kraft (concert review)
    - Guitar in an early Sears catalog (ds)
    - "Carnival of Venice" and "Woodland Echoes" (19th C. American guitar music) (ds)
    - Yale Guitar Extravaganza I memories
    - WGS Members Recital (review)
    - "John Come Kiss Me" by Gallot (Baroque guitar tablature) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 25 (Mar 1996)
    - Jason Vieaux (concert review)
    - No guitar(!) in the Vermeer exhibit (ds)
    - Spiritual "I Couldn't Hear Nobody Pray" arr. Vahdah Olcott Bickford (music) (ds)
    - Recent Washington guitar concerts. Microfiche courtesy Robert Nathan, I.E. (Incompetent Extraordinaire).

WGS Newsletter No. 26 (May 1996)
    - Duo Firenze (fortepiano/guitar) (concert review)
    - Duo Bozza (flute/guitar) (concert review)
    - On the Road with the Lake Braddock Guitar Ensemble
    - Preface to Lecocq's "Recuil des pieces de guitarre, 1729 (first English translation)
    - "Codice Salvidar no. 4" by Santiago de Murcia (review of Craig Russell's work)
    - The "quasi-Baroque" guitar; "Gavotta" by Ludovico Roncalli (tablature) (ds)
    - Brief summary of the History of the Baroque Guitar (ds)
    - Timothy Evans (concert review)

WGS Newsletter No. 27 (Jul 1996)
    - Karl Wohlwend (seminar/concert review)
    - The EFEL and other footstool alternatives
    - Baroque Guitar Lecture/Recital (review)

WGS Newsletter No. 28 (Sep 1996)
    - Teaching beginners to read music
    - William Feasley (concert review)
    - Elliot Frank (concert review)
    - WGS ensemble session memories
    - WGS Members Recital (review)

WGS Newsletter No. 29 (Nov 1996)
    - Ode to Don
    - Christopher Teves (concert review)
    - Symphony in C for guitar and orchestra by Boccherini (record review)
    - "Liten Vals" for two guitars by Lille-Bror Soderlundh, 1942 (music) (ds)
    - Michael Nicolella (concert review)

WGS Newsletter No. 30 (Jan 1997)
    - Recent Washington guitar concerts (more microfiche, courtesy Mr. WGS Newsletter Saboteur)
    - Dionisio Aguado, a look at his complete works (ds)
    - "Study in natural harmonics" by Dionisio Aguado (tablature) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 31 (Mar 1997)
    - Concordia Trio (flute/oboe/guitar) (concert review)
    - "Our Director March" by F. E. Bigelow (article and music) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 32 (May 1997)
    - John Stover (concert review)
    - Julie Goldberg (concert review)
    - Philip Candelaria (concert review)
    - On the Road (Again) with the Lake Braddock Guitar Ensemble
    - Guitar Ramble (the guitar pops up in unexpected places) (ds)
    - "Classical Mechanics" (Prelude) by E. Gretz (music) (ds)
    - Tips from Philip Candelaria master class (ds)
    - Andres Segovia memorial (political cartoon) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 33 (Jul 1997)
    - History of Guitar Societies in D.C., going back to the 1930s
    - Opera and the Guitar (ds)
    - "Gebet" and "Tarantelle" from "La Muette di Portici" by D.F.E. Auber (music) (ds)
    - Jimmy Stewart and the guitar

WGS Newsletter No. 34 (Sep 1997)
    - "A Trip to Rocky Point" ensemble session memories
        - Visit my web page devoted to "A Trip to Rocky Point" (and play along?)
        - Listen to our recording of "A Trip to Rocky Point" on YouTube, with vintage post cards.
    - WGS Questionnaire results
    - Recent WGS Concert Programs
    - "Melancholy Waltz" by Gene Marcello (music) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 35 (Sep 1997)
    - "A Trip to Rocky Point" - fan mail from Rocky Point! (ds)
    - WGS Questionnaire results provoke a response (ds)
    - "Louisiana Echoes" by George Barker (music) (ds)
    - "Traumerei" by Robert Schumann, arr. George Barker (music) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 36 (Jan 1998)
    - Risa Carlson (concert review)
    - Recent WGS Concert Programs
    - Discussion of tablature on (ds)
    - Defense of tablature, and proposing tablature for the violin family (ds)
    - Minuet and Gavotte by Francois Campion (tablature) (ds)
    - Tablature debate: continued by the WGS prez
    - Tablature debate: the Final Word (guess who gets it in?) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 37 (Mar 1998)
    - Tips for using the Music Division of the Library of Congress (perhaps a bit out of date?) (ds)
    - Bartlett Quotation with "guitar" (ds)
    - Adagio and Andante, Sonata III for solo violin, by J.S. Bach (music) (ds)
    - Caprice No. 14 by Nicolo Paganini (music) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 38 (May 1998)
    - Lute music of Francesco da Milano (ds)
    - "De mo~ triste di F. Milanese" by Francesco da Milano, 1547 (tablature) (ds)
    - Fun with German tablature, with a piece from a 1556 German manuscript (ds)
    - More tablature thoughts: playing "upside down" tablature (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 39 (Jul 1998)
    - The Guitar in an Early Sears Catalog, round 2 (ds)
    - "Pansy Blossom Waltz" arr. Justin Holland (19th C. American guitar music) (ds)
    - Washington Balalaika Society Orchestra "Russian Festival" memories

WGS Newsletter No. 40 (Sep 1998)
    - Photos of WGS members at play

WGS Newsletter No. 41 (Nov 1998)
    - Les Cahiers de la Guitare reviews WGS Newsletter
    - Sight reading (with tablature slam)
    - History of the lute

WGS Newsletter No. 42 (Jan 1999)
    - "Silent Night" arr. John Duarte (music)

WGS Newsletter No. 43 (Mar 1999)
    - Teaching, by Ray Bell
    - A response to the previous article
    - "Prayer" from Moses in Egypt, by Rossini, arr. W.L. Hayden (19th C. American guitar music) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 44 (May 1999)
    - WGS Youth Concert program
    - "Cradle Song" (Wiegenlied) guitar duett (19th C. American guitar music) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 45 (Jul 1999)
    - "Look At me!" by Kevin J. Vigil, for narrator and guitar

WGS Newsletter No. 46 (Sep 1999)
    - "Waltz of the p i m p" right hand study by Howard Vance (music)

WGS Newsletter No. 47 (Nov 1999)
    - Kennedy Center Millennium Stage recitals on the internet
    - "Guitar America" cd by Christopher Teves and Howard Vance (record review)
    - "Shenandoah" arr. Howard Vance (music)

WGS Newsletter No. 48 (Jan 2000)
    - Remembering Charlie Byrd

WGS Newsletter No. 49 (Mar 2000)
    - "Easy Classical Guitar Recital" by Benjamin Verdery (book review)
    - Three pieces from above (music)

WGS Newsletter No. 50 (May 2000)

WGS Newsletter No. 51 (Jul 2000)
    - 10 Steps to the Stage, part I

WGS Newsletter No. 52 (Jul 2000)
    - 10 Steps to the Stage, part II
    - Andrew Zohn (concert review)

WGS Newsletter No. 53 (Nov 2000)
    - Study #1 Opus 1, by Corey Whitehead (music)

WGS Newsletter No. 54 (Jan 2001)
    - Poem by Ellis Hooper (10-year-old guitar student)

WGS Newsletter No. 55 (Mar 2001)
    - Cavallaro/Sislen/Carlson (concert review)
    - John Feeley (concert review)

WGS Newsletter No. 56 (Jun 2001)
    - Douze Cordes (Michael Bard and Corey Whitehead) Middle East tour
    - On the Road with the Lake Braddock Guitar Ensemble
    - Amplifying a Classical Guitar

WGS Newsletter No. 57 (Sep 2001)
    - Remembering Chet Atkins
    - Remembering Abel Carlevaro
    - The spooky Neapolitan Sixth? (ds)
    - "The Galop of the Goblins" (19th C. American guitar music) (ds)
    - World's First Guitar Marching Band?

WGS Newsletter No. 58 (Dec 2001)
    - The guitar in "The Dictionary of Musical Themes" (ds)
    - Tips from Manuel Barrueco master class (with a couple of "barreuco" misspellings, urghhh) (ds)
    - The Neapolitan Sixth in works of Fernando Sor (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 59 (Mar 2002)
    - The guitar strikes again - on a U.S. coin! (ds)
    - Minuetto from "Falstaff" by Verdi (music) (ds)
    - "Floating Ancillary Ants" WGS guitar orchestra session memories (ds)
    - Rex Willis comments on his "Floating Ancillary Ants" for the WGS
    - Nicki Lehrer (recital review)
    - Concert Reviews: LA Guitar Quartet; Martha Masters

WGS Newsletter No. 60 (Jun 2002)
    - "Tango Estampie" by Luq Levesque, WGS Guitar Orchestra memories (ds)
        - Listen to our recording of "Tango Estampie" (mp3)
        - Listen to some rehearsal highlights (mp3) led by Phyllis Fleming.
    - The Mystery of the "Fisherman's Song" by de Falla (ds)
    - The Guitar Strikes Again - in early issues of some men's magazine (ds)
    - De Falla quotes Debussy in the "Homenage" (ds)
    - Carlos Barbosa-Lime (concert review)
    - Three New CDs from Ben Verdery (record review)

WGS Newsletter No. 61 (Sep 2002)
    - Alexandria Guitar Festival run-down
    - Alexandria Guitar Festival reflections
    - Alexandria Guitar Festival miscellaneous memories (ds)
    - WGS members recital and open stage
    - WGS Guitars record Praetorius, led by Bob Wysong (ds)
        - Listen to our recording of "Ballet des Coqs" (mp3)
        - Listen to our recording of "Bransle de la Torche" (mp3)
        - Listen to our recording of "Volta" (mp3) with Bob's direction.
    - Kent/Sauter duo guitar CDs - making the rounds (ds)
    - Amateurs, and music for the love of it
    - WGS members recital - program
    - Stuart Weber (recital memories)
    - Making Teachers Talk (a threat?) (ds)
    - Sweet Land of Liberty... America/God Save the King (music) (ds)

WGS Newsletter No. 62 (Dec 2002)
    - WGS Guitars record "Summerset Follies" by John Duarte (ds)
        - Listen to our recording of "Summerset Follies" (mp3)
    - "La Folia" - a famous tune (ds)
    - Piotr Zielinski (concert review)
    - "Folias" by Gaspar Sanz (facsimile and modern tablature) (ds)
    - Concert Reviews: Vincent Airoult; Roland Dyens; Aldo Minello; Duo Erato (Carlson/Masters); Brazilian Guitar Quartet

WGS Newsletter No. 63 (Mar 2003)
    - WGS Guitar Ensemble session memories (ds)
    - Russian Guitar (ds)
    - "Polonaise" by Andrei Sychra (music) (ds)
    - Justin Holland - still unknown in the Black History world (ds)
    - "La Folia" - a few more comments (ds)
    - Recent D.C. Area Guitar Happenings
    - Concert Reviews: Nicki Lehrer; Kathrin Murray; Raphael Padron; Troy King; John Feeley; Tomatito; Alexandria Guitars (trio)

WGS Newsletter No. 64 (Jun 2003)
    - (Patriotic) Songs of the Season (ds)
    - "Ode to the Honorable Henry Clay" and "Maryland, My Maryland" (19th C. American guitar music) (ds)
    - WGS Members Recital run-down (ds)
    - My First Year with the Washington Guitar Society
    - Concert Reviews: Yuri Liberzon; Eric Howard; Linn Barnes & Allison Hampton

WGS Newsletter No. 65 (Sep 2003)
    - "Dead March" from Saul, by Handel, arr. W. L. Hayden (19th C. American guitar music) (ds)
    - Guitar Music Gold Mine: 19th C. American guitar publications on the web (ds)
    - Alexandria Guitar Festival memories
    - Guitar Jeopardy (ds)
    - Concert Reviews: Kevin Vigil; Nathan Fisher; Risa Carlson; Ken Meyer; Marija Temo; James Piorkowski; Larry Snitzler and Chuck Redd; Julian Grey; Nicholas Goluses

WGS Newsletter No. 66 (Dec 2003)
    - Secrets of a Successful Concert
    - Concert Reviews: Miguel Cerruto; Marija Temo; Pepe Romero; Ana Vidovic
    - Reviews: Peace Poetry and Classical Guitar; Bailes Ineditos (flamenco)
    - Berta Rojas on Barrios
    - The Future of the WGS

WGS Newsletter No. 67 (Mar 2004)
    - Interview with Col. Harry Lehrer
    - How many guitar teachers and students in D.C. area?
    - Reviews: WGS open stage; International Guitar Night (Wolf Trap); Ricardo Marlow (flamenco); WGS open stage; Paco Pena; "Bliss" (Weyanoke Elementary School); Robert Belinic

WGS Newsletter No. 68 (Jun 2004)
    - WGS Newsletters at the Library of Congress! (yeah, right...) (ds)
    - Los Romeros
    - Reviews: Benjamin Verdery master class; Larry Snitzler
    - 8th Annual Mid-Atlantic Guitar Ensemble Festival memories
    - Carlos Barbosa-Lima (concert review)

WGS Newsletter No. 69 (Sep 2004)
    - Tim Healey can't read and gets "Who wrote the earliest known guitar music?"
    - Reviews: Gray Snead; Marc Ribot and the NSO; World Guitar Congress
    - 2004 Alexandria Guitar Festival memories

WGS Newsletter No. 70 (Dec 2004)
    - Developing a Good Tremolo
    - Reviews: Angel Romero; Pedrick/Hutson Duo; WGS open stages

WGS Newsletter No. 71 (Mar 2005)
    - Larry Snitzler discusses his concert program
    - Guitarists - really such "abysmal readers"? (ds)
    - Reviews: "Concierto del Fuego"; Sumi Guitar Duo; John Feeley; Gray Snead and the McLean Symphony

WGS Newsletter No. 72 (Summer 2005)
    - Basic Hand Anatomy
    - Gaspar Sanz, master of the Baroque guitar
    - Reviews: Larry Snitzler; Rico Stover; Chris Anderson; Margarita Escarpa; Robinson HS Orchestra; Class on coping with performance anxiety

WGS Newsletter No. 73 (Autumn 2005)
    - Manuel M. Ponce
    - David Russell composes for tv and films (our David Russell???)
    - First World Guitar Conference (Towson, Maryland) memories
    - 3 Waltzes by Luigi Legnani (19th C. European guitar music) (ds)


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