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While it may be as funny as it ever was, it does not reflect my new, kinder, gentler attitude towards modern, tournament-style Scrabble.



Scrabble Puzzles, Volume 4, by Joe Edley

A book report

Scrabble Puzzles, Volume 4.

According to the introduction, Scrabble Puzzles by Joe Edley, "is for SCRABBLE fans who want to improve their game."

Do not let those modest words deceive you; this is the most thrilling book series ever written! Here is a short excerpt from Volume 4 which I call, The Scrabblewocky.

Read it. You will never be the same.


Bo Haver astringe, "Hilloa! Awee gavot, qat ohia ajiva."

Agrypnia Tirrivee zinebs ne laurae jaygee. "Vugh! Ba bams biogen!" Ki coshers gnawn ka qadi, isatines aneurin kat quintar yups audiles. Qaid cylix ignifies oe zona, feod, bonne, giftee ameboid.

Jin, yutz pogeys doated maut aecidia; oy jow epigoni fuzil oaky jefe un whirry, liri rynds. Fes flotages feazed flir flong noogies.

Waur stengah kufis vagrom agenesias axal al fava gaby huswife? Volti upbears xu lyrately traiked camphire cadi - vars yeh fawny duit acetins? - dor zooier nappie. Kae dorty cycas nonelite habus ficin coatracks...

Bogart Caput oda oxazines ferk ka arenites sudation, wos redipt superlay amia agio, quin oi gelatos hangnests. Yowie!

Apo trickly aggadot jowed jin incivil intimist (wha vulgo woolie vive blin.) Indow yaup fixt ingate snathes stot yutz slipsole. Eloined fe, "Varna liriope purda feirie alow."

"Al, pujas."





Mo eosinic wifty es combater linier emyd et cuvee eau nertz. Dev catlings gript danders--miaou! Tae goral odiums luteum neuroid exhedra cuvees, yowe ovonics litai unipod alohas.

Yok aboded mangels wauked xenic whid jube fon vanman. Feeb fadge funker eradiate, aphorise, reis cognize codeia lentic kafs evited.

[Fe enzym]


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