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Scrabble III For BIG Word Lovers

Play along with sample games

If you haven't already, please look over the Scrabble Scrabble III introduction page. Here's a quick refresher. Scrabble III has...

1. Six-letter minimum requirement.

2. JQXZ wild! Play right-side up for a bonus, or flip for a blank. **

3. Pick off 1 or 2 letters from the end of a word in the service of stretching that word.

The other Scrabble III rules carry over from Scrabbles O, I, and II: use of a regular dictionary; a refined list of 72 two-letter words; swap for the blank; an 8-tile rack; the extended board; bonuses for making big plays; and bonuses for stretching big words into bigger words. Here's a handy summary:

     SCRABBLE III                         
                      Two-Letter Words    
      MAIN WORD                           
  6-letter minimum   AB  DO  ID  OF  TA   
                     AD      IF  OH  TI   
   BIG PLAY Bonus    AG  ED  IN  ON  TO   
     Tiles  Pts      AH  EF  IS  OR       
       6     20      AI  EH  IT  OS  UH   
       7     50      AM  EL      OW  UM   
       8     80      AN  EM  LA  OX  UP   
                     AR  EN  LI      US   
    STRETCH Bonus    AS  ER  LO  PA  UT   
  (on sixes and up)  AT  EX      PI       
     Ltrs   Pts      AW      MA      WE   
       1      0      AX  FA  ME  RE  WO   
       2     30      AY      MI           
       3     50          GO  MU  SH  XI   
       4     70      BE      MY  SI       
       5     90      BI  HA      SO  YE   
       6    120 *    BY  HE  NO      YO   
       7    150 *        HI  NU           
       8    180 *        HO               
  Regular dictionary; all words checked.  
  Random scoop from nice 300-tile set.    
  Extended board; 8-tile rack.            
  SWAP for the blank.                     
  PICK OFF 1-2 tiles from free, trailing  
    end of word you intend to STRETCH.    
  JQXZ Wild! Play naturally for 30-pt 
    bonus, or FLIP for blank. **
  Small Word Point Cap.                   
  Swap Final Racks.                       
  *Bonus incorporates BIG PLAY bonus.     

** NOTE: In the early Scrabble III games played here, a flat 30-pt bonus was awarded for playing a JQXZ in any main word. That was found to be overly generous, and the rule was corrected later to stepped bonuses of 10/20/30 points in words of 6/7/8(and up) letters.

That's enough for now for you to dive in and play along. I encourage you to pull out your Scrabble tiles to make up the racks shown in these sample Scrabble III games and plays. If that's not convenient, please click through them, anyway. Your jaw might hit the floor watching Scrabble played as a strapping word game. And remember that we're just regular people using our own natural vocabularies.

What you'll see are actual, complete "Phone Scrabble" games, that is, Scrabble III played in the duplicate mode over the telephone. Both players play the same board and same rack at the same time. After each play, both boards are set up identically with the winning play, and the racks are replenished with the same randomly drawn tiles from an initial scoop of about 80 tiles.

Scrabble III is so rich in possibilities that two good players will usually come up with different plays. I generally show the losing play below the winner. I leave it as an exercise to the reader to find where the losing play would fit on the board.

Let me emphasize that these samples only show the best we could do in the 3-minute time limit. You will surely see better plays here and there. If you do, let me know - but no anagram programs, please! Anagram programs are anathema to Scrabble For Word Lovers.

To get started, click on a little Scrabble III board below. Then click on each board to step through the game. You may need to put your browser in the full screen mode (F11) so that nothing gets cut off.


Click to start complete Scrabble III game "33059"

(Statistics for this game.)


Click to start complete Scrabble III game "33055"

(Statistics for this game.)


Click to start complete Scrabble III game "33071"

(Statistics for this game.)


Click to start complete Scrabble III game "33081"

(Statistics for this game.)


Click to start complete Scrabble III game "33090"

(Statistics for this game.)


Click to start complete Scrabble III game "33099"

(Statistics for this game.)


Click to start complete Scrabble III game "33045"

(Statistics for this game.)

This last little Scrabble III board starts a selection of neat plays picked out from different games.

Click to start Scrabble III sample plays.


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