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It was created before the Nice Letter Distribution and Stretch Bonuses were implemented. Back then, Scrabble II words averaged about 5 letters; now they average about 6 letters. So, no matter how impressively Scrabble II stacked up against "regular" Scrabble in this old page, it would go a quantum leap beyond that now.



Scrabble II For Word Lovers -
Introductory page

A nice Scrabble II board.
A nice Scrabble II board

Scrabble II for Word Lovers is pure Scrabble with a few small adjustments that bring the game to a state of perfection and bust it wide open to the longest, and most natural, words played anywhere. Scrabble II is Scrabble with the straitjacket removed; Scrabble II is Scrabble with a nuclear engine dropped in!

No one denies that modern Scrabble has become a more or less artificial point-scoring exercise having less to do with your vocabulary and anagramming skills than with automatic plays of funny little words memorized from official lists.

What's a WORD LOVER to do???

Scrabble II!

Scrabble II will have you digging deep into your own glorious vocabulary of tens of thousands of words, and working the tiles in your rack like never before to come up with plays of six or more tiles. In fact, compared to the best Scrabble players on earth, your boards will show twice as many long words, and only half as many of the shorties.

In a nutshell, Scrabble II is:

Try it; one game is worth a million of my words! But, hey, if you like listening to me . . .

For an in-depth discussion of each of the small adjustments listed above, see my main Scrabble page.

Or, for a brief justification of the small changes, see the third paragraph of my Scrabble II rules page.

If you'd like to see at a glance the staggering difference between the words played in Scrabble II versus those played at the highest level of modern tournament Scrabble, visit my 2010 National Scrabble Championship page.

If you'd like to see the embarrassing difference between Scrabble II and modern tournament Scrabble regarding the oh-so-terrifying Q, visit my page on "How to use the Q in Scrabble - two modes of thought."

If you'd like to ogle a bunch of good-looking Scrabble II boards, see Great Scrabble boards, season 10.

If you'd like some good satire on what Scrabble II is NOT, visit my Goo Goo Scrabble page.

Let me emphasize that you can fire up Scrabble II with a conventional Scrabble set. Position yourselves so the board doesn't need to be turned, and simply let the tiles run onto the table top where necessary.

Let me know how it went! And please help me get a Scrabble II game site going!


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