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While it may be as funny as it ever was, it does not reflect my new, kinder, gentler attitude towards modern, tournament-style Scrabble.



School Scrabble

Hooray! The kids are finally learning something useful!

Teacher: "I'm so proud of you, class! You've all scored hundreds on your spelling test!!! . . .

qat hmm PEH ES qadi PE zek un PST kaf gox ono ET IFF jaup er yag NE moc KEP XU QUATE DE ZERK yah yod AE azon JEU foh FUD dak OE ajee MI aal PUD KEX feh UT tranq FE poh KUE bal qi EF QUIN SUK ba yok LUM jole IGG TI qanat JUN aa SHA AW bap WHA oi MUN SHH QUOD ka jeon GHI ZA PHT faqir ki HUP fon HIC SUQ noo VIG yo QURSH OM kop JUS na ZIN YA poo MUT bo wab UM vau AVA jo JIN EH ow qoph MM jiao sh jauk AWA mo QIS vav IXIA WO WIS OXO FIZ waw OKA kat uh WYN oot AL naw vaw MEM li jow upo ULU AR quai HYP HM dow od QAID . . . YEH!!!


. . . "Now you're all set to get out there and write a Pulitzer prize-winning journalism piece, a Nobel prize-winning scientific paper, or the Great American Novel!

"BUT . . . before you go, we have one more topic to cover: the wonderful art of how to bluff your fellow man - and not be bluffed in return!"


(Author's note: This page is quite humorous. I mention that for the benefit of head-scratching, modern Scrabble players stumbling by; this page is really quite humorous.)


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And here are all those indispensable English words again, since Google can't seem to see them dressed up in their fancy colors and fonts: qat hmm peh es qadi pe zek un pst kaf gox ono et iff jaup er yag ne moc kep xu quate de zerk yah yod ae azon jeu foh fud dak oe ajee mi aal pud kex feh ut tranq fe poh kue bal qi ef quin suk ba yok lum jole igg ti qanat jun aa sha aw bap wha oi mun shh quod ka jeon ghi za pht faqir ki hup fon hic suq noo vig yo qursh om kop jus na zin ya poo mut bo wab um vau ava jo jin eh ow qoph mm jiao sh jauk awa mo qis vav ixia wo wis oxo fiz waw oka kat uh wyn oot al naw vaw mem li jow upo ulu ar quai hyp hm dow od qaid yeh. Don't leave home without them!