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Grimm's Fairy Tales

The Pink -

a comparison of the first version (1812)
with the final version (1857)

German title: Die Nelke
English title: The Pink
English title: The Carnation
Story position: Volume 1, Number 76
Story designation: KHM 76 ("Kinder- und Hausmärchen")

Quick history: There were seven editions of the Grimm's Fairy Tales published in the Grimm Brothers' lifetime. Each edition was presented in two volumes. Volume 1 of the first edition appeared in 1812; Volume 2 of the first edition appeared in 1815. Both volumes of the seventh edition appeared in 1857.

The first version of The Pink was so expanded and modified that a word by word comparison with the final version would be absolutely useless, assuming it could be done at all. The word count was boosted from 675 to 1680. Although it remains the same basic story, even describing the differences informally would involve more words and effort than simply reading the two versions side by side. I heartily recommend acquiring an accurate English translation of the Grimms' first edition.


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