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My Little Shop of Rare and Precious Commodities

You'll not find them anywhere else . . .

The following pages of mine each offer something for purchase. I've pulled them together in one convenient place in case you've stumbled on my web site more in a shopping mood than for bothering with all the wonderful and exciting knowledge gathered there.

The familiar "shopping cart" method of internet shopping is beyond me, but I have a very easy system nonetheless. In every case there are three simple steps: 1) send me an email describing your order; 2) wait for a confirmation email from me; 3) deposit payment in my PayPal account; 4) sit back and wait a few days for your order to arrive.


Justin Holland, Scraps From The Operas
  • "Scraps From the Operas" arranged for two guitars - where Grand Opera meets Dueling Banjos meets Black History. The arranger, Justin Holland, was a most remarkable, 19th century, black American. You may listen to the music for free, or buy an inexpensive cd album.


    Jokari block and ball
  • Jokari - the world's greatest ball-on-a-string racquet sport. It hasn't been marketed in years, but now it's back. You supply your own racquetball racket, or Jokari paddles if you have them from the old days. I can provide everything else.


    Six faces of one hexaflexagon
  • The hexaflexagon - a really amazing folding paper gizmo. A hexaflexagon is paper disc that looks like it has two sides, a front and back, but when you "flex" it, it reveals six (6) different faces! Buy one cheap and have the fun of decorating it to suit your fancy.


    American guitar music
  • Guitar music from the Library of Congress - a bunch of neat stuff I have copied (like 3000 pages.) Now you can order the pieces you want. Sales suspended; free PDFs coming to the web soon!


    Guitar & piano - guitar extracts
  • Guitar and piano music from the Library of Congress - a major portion of all the 19th century music for guitar and piano ever published. The music has been cleaned up, mistakes corrected, and the measures numbered for your convenience. All you have to do is sit down with your partner and play it. A sample guitar extract is given for each piece. Web page now has PDFs for free download!


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