Jane Russell

Jane Russell

Photo from the wonderful collection of Helen Kowalczyk.

Something I know about Jane Russell that maybe you don't: In June 1971, in a bit of weird performance art with Yoko Ono on WPLJ in New York, John Lennon spake this, "Why did Jane Russell? Because Edgar Allan Poe! Why did Eva Braun? Cuz Peggy, uh, Peggy, uh, Peggy Lee!"

A bit later, on October 14 1971 John and Yoko appeared on a tv talk show called Free Time. Here their bag was to invite the audience to ask questions... and to respond to every question with another question. (Q: "Why don't you perform live anymore?" John Lennon: "Why doesn't it rain?") Possibly in response to the question, "How do you sleep at night?" (I can't be sure; the recording I have was edited) John replied, "Why did Jane Russell?"

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